And the winner is…

A Galileo-inspired vision of faith and science.

This is where science meets faith–and coexists! Contestants were challenged to create a short film (4 min. or less) starting a conversation about science and faith and win $3000 in cash, and a national traveling showcase at Veritas Forums at college campuses across the U.S! The inaugural jury included John Shepherd, producer of “The Stoning of Soraya M” and John David Ware, creator of the 168 Film Project. Sponsored by The Veritas Forum.

Producer/Director/Cameraman/Editor/Voice: James Jacob Shaw
Cameraman/Writer: James Ernest Shaw
Assistant to Director: Nathan Bounyong
Location Sound: Mark Schmidt
Art: Jonathan Shaw
Music: Jason Shaw
Mother and Daughter: Laura and Asher Helgerson



Are faith and Science friends, or foes? Join Dr. Ming Wang as he describes the 16 year journey he took finding a solution to this dilemma, perseverance. Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

Third Place…

Science and Faith are personified as two fighters preparing for a historic matchup with each other. Are they mortal enemies, or is there another option?

Production/Design – James Adam Tucker
Writing – Adam Tucker, Ginna Tucker, Logan Macon
Voiceover – Glenn Lund
Stock Footage and Audio – Royalty free stock libraries from Digital Juice




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